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Interactions within the Organism

Four Essential Areas

Most health problems have their origin in these four areas: disturbances in muscles and fascia, metabolic disorders, inflammations, injuries and irritations, as well as stress-related illnesses. Any disruption in one of these areas has an impact on the entire organism, which we may feel, for example, in the back or joints, or experience as fatigue. By understanding these connections, complex symptoms can also be understood.

Even in internal medical conditions, such as heart rhythm disorders, disturbances in the musculoskeletal system, metabolic changes, or imbalances in the autonomic nervous system can play a role.

Considering the Whole Person

The treatment in my practice aims not only to treat pain and disorders symptomatically but to consider the person as a whole. With comprehensive medical diagnostics, the cause can be identified in most cases, and a therapy strategy can be derived for long-term healing success.

Muscle & Fascia Disorders

Irritations and Injuries

Functional disorders of the fascia and muscles include acute or gradually accumulated deformities and adhesions of the fascia and connective tissue, painful muscle adhesions, restricted movement, loss of strength, and sensory disturbances or an imbalance in body statics. These disorders favor irritations of tendon insertions as well as bursae and injuries, which can occur due to the lack of stability and centering of the joints.

Metabolic Issues

2,000 Metabolic Processes per Second – per Cell

The human body has about 80 trillion cells, each performing 2,000 metabolic processes per second – per cell. The organism requires, among other things, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, fatty acids, and carbohydrates for this. At the same time, waste products must be removed. For this purpose, vitamins, enzymes, energy, and hormones are produced in the body.


As a prerequisite for a functioning metabolism, the microbiome, i.e., the bacterial colonization especially of the intestines, as well as the determination of the vitamin and mineral balance, hormones, amino acids, or fatty acids are increasingly coming into focus.

Triggers for Diseases

Disruptions of metabolism and autonomic regulation, in conjunction with "silent inflammation," manifest themselves immediately or only after years and decades as diseases. Common diseases can include: arteriosclerosis, migraines, COPD, depression, burnout, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, osteoarthritis, diabetes, or chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).


Consequence of Metabolic Disorders

As a result of metabolic disorders and functional deficits, whether acute, traumatic, or chronic, acute irritations with pain or functional limitations preferentially occur, which can lead to total impairment and loss of function. Attention: Without treatment, this can become a vicious cycle!


Complete Exhaustion and Loss of Regeneration Ability

The autonomic nervous system controls and regulates all bodily functions. The parasympathetic nervous system regulates regeneration, digestion, sexuality. The sympathetic nervous system programs the body for flight and fight, e.g., with high blood pressure, rapid pulse, dilated pupils, and muscle tension. Persistent pain, increasing stress, and lack of recovery can lead to the loss of relaxation ability to complete exhaustion and loss of regeneration ability.

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