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A special new treatment for facial rejuvenation is the so-called EMFACE procedure, which we offer at our private practice, Florian Sänger. EMFACE is a non-invasive procedure that is applied in combination with radiofrequency therapy to stimulate facial muscles, especially the levators. For more information about EMFACE Submentum – the natural reduction of the double chin, please visit our EMFACE Submentum page.

This results in a double lifting effect without the use of needles and practically in a natural way through physical effects. Muscle stimulation by electromagnets trains the musculature to counteract age-related sagging. By training the muscles and tightening them, lifting effects are achieved on previously sagging facial areas, thus preventing future muscle sagging. The so-called levators are specifically addressed therapeutically.

The second physical effect is radiofrequency therapy, which activates fibroblasts for collagen production. This leads to an increase in volume, and the firmness of the tissue depends on the collagen content. Studies of the EMFACE treatment show a lasting result over nine months. The data evaluation for twelve months is currently pending as the treatment is still very new. In clinical studies, EMFACE reduces facial lines' visibility by 37%, and the lifting effect on the face averages 23%. The average increase in collagen was measured at 26% with a doubled elastin quantity in the tissue.

The painless treatment lasts for 20 minutes. Four treatments are recommended up to the age of 50; thereafter, six applications should be considered. Heat development and muscular twitches are triggered during the treatment. Applications can be performed twice a week or at weekly intervals.

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