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Stress and Exhaustion

Do you regularly feel stressed, even during times that should be dedicated to relaxation? Is it challenging for you to unwind and find peace – even during vacations?

Persistent fatigue and exhaustion, often unaffected by seemingly sufficient sleep, significantly impact well-being.

Even after a COVID-19 infection, many patients experience lingering symptoms or struggle with Long COVID. Sleep disturbances or a noticeable decline in performance in professional, athletic, or personal aspects can affect overall quality of life.

Answers can be crucial in initiating the right steps for your well-being. The Florian Sänger Private and Self-Pay Practice is your competent partner for chronic stress, exhaustion, Long COVID, and burnout.

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Fatigue, Exhaustion & Stress – A Holistic Approach

The combination of fatigue, exhaustion, and stress often presents a complex issue with various potential causes. At the Florian Sänger Private Practice, we place a special focus on examining and treating the following aspects:

1. Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Mitochondrial dysfunction, as a disturbance of the cell powerhouses, can lead to energy deficiency and, consequently, fatigue and exhaustion. In the Florian Sänger Private Practice, we employ innovative diagnostic methods to develop targeted therapy for restoring mitochondrial function, providing you with the energy you currently miss in the long term.

2. Vegetative Dysregulation

An imbalanced autonomic nervous system can intensify stress and exhaustion. We individually analyze the regulatory capability of the autonomic nervous system and implement therapeutic approaches supporting autonomic nervous system regulation. This is particularly helpful in managing stress-related symptoms and promoting long-term well-being. Through targeted measures to regulate the autonomic nervous system, we aim for a harmonious balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, reducing the physical and mental strain caused by prolonged stress.

3. Orthomolecular Deficiencies

The targeted supply of micronutrients plays a crucial role in treating fatigue and exhaustion. Through comprehensive diagnostics, we identify potential orthomolecular deficiencies and develop individual therapy concepts based on these findings.

4. Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammatory processes can amplify states of exhaustion. At the Sänger Private Practice, we rely on modern diagnostic methods to identify and treat inflammatory processes specifically. This prevents subsequent illnesses and guides you toward a symptom-free everyday life.

5. Metabolome Changes

Changes in the metabolome, the metabolic profile, can indicate dysregulated metabolic processes. Through a comprehensive metabolomic analysis, we develop personalized therapy approaches to restore metabolic balance.

The autonomic nervous system

Our body is a complex system, and the autonomic nervous system acts as the true mainframe. It autonomously controls vital functions such as breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature, and digestion. Two states, "fight or flight" and regeneration, are influenced by the two main actors, the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

In stressful situations, the sympathetic system predominates, leading to increased blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, and tense muscles. On the other hand, the parasympathetic system promotes the body's regeneration and supports functions such as digestion, sexuality, and repair mechanisms.

In today's hectic times, we are increasingly exposed to stress factors, leading to frequent activation of the sympathetic system. Prolonged overactivation can limit regulatory ability, which in turn can impair the body's ability to regenerate and promote the onset of diseases.

We understand that this can lead to a vicious cycle, as regulatory ability often can only be restored through technical procedures. Our mission is to break this cycle and offer effective solutions to affected individuals.

Exhaustion states, triggered by chronic stress, can strain the body and lead to inflammatory processes. This, in turn, requires additional resources, further burdening the organism. Even recovery, vacation, or sick leave often only lead to temporary improvements without influencing the disturbed regulatory ability in the long term.

Our approach is based on comprehensive diagnosis, which goes far beyond purely symptomatic therapy. Early detection of burnout symptoms such as loss of joy, lack of concentration, and sleep disturbances is crucial. By analyzing the autonomic nervous system through heart rate variability in ECG, we can make an accurate assessment and draw conclusions about possible stress and regulatory disorders.

Our professional approach also includes laboratory tests to uncover possible consequences and deficiencies that may be caused by prolonged sympathetic activation. With this knowledge, we can support the organism during this challenging phase and counteract long-term damage.

Your health is important to us, and at the Florian Sänger Private Practice, we not only understand your situation but also offer effective solutions to help you regain regeneration and quality of life.

Individualized Treatment for Sustainable Results

At the Florian Sänger Private and Self-Pay Practice, we adopt an individualized and holistic approach to understand and treat the root causes of fatigue, exhaustion, stress, Long COVID, and burnout. Our goal is to collaboratively find ways to significantly enhance your quality of life sustainably.

Learn more about our approaches and schedule an appointment for a personal consultation. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to better health and well-being.

Arrange a consultation appointment now! If you have never been to us before, we ask you to contact us by telephone, as we attach great importance to individual medical care. This enables us to optimally design and discuss your concerns and needs. If you have already had treatment with us, you can easily arrange your appointment via Doctolib.

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