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Instrumental Procedures

Cutting-edge instrumental procedures are an integral part of our comprehensive services aimed at activating the body's self-healing capabilities and promoting overall organism functionality. We rely on the latest medical insights, offering effective solutions tailored to your individual needs. Trust our dedicated team to professionally guide you through the benefits of our innovative instrumental procedures. Discover how targeted applications can make a positive contribution to your health—schedule a personal consultation today!

MBST Magnetic Resonance Therapy

The MBST magnetic resonance therapy utilizes proven MRI technology therapeutically. This means that this therapy is not only diagnostic but also used directly for regenerative effects on cells and tissues.

It focuses on the regeneration of bradytrophic tissues such as intervertebral discs, cartilage, tendon insertions, bones, muscles, and nerve tissue. Indications range from intervertebral disc diseases and fractures to non-healing fractures, osteoporosis, arthrosis, or nerve damage. This non-invasive therapy can also accelerate wound healing after surgeries.

Axomera Therapy

Our alternative to cortisone is Axomera therapy. Using acupuncture needles and electrical current, we target inflammations specifically and support regeneration with micro-currents. This technique is versatile, ranging from joint irritations to CRPS Type 1 (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), tendon or muscle injuries, or inflammatory conditions. Axomera therapy is a gentle and sustainably effective treatment option, quickly relieving acute pain and driving the healing of affected areas.

Cold Plasma

Cold plasma generates reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in the body, killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This innovative technique not only targets pathogens but is also successful in acute injuries, overloads, inflammations, and wounds. From tendon irritations to skin fungus, Cold Plasma offers a broad spectrum of applications, distinguished by its gentle nature and effectiveness. Trust this advanced therapy option for optimized wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects.


Cryotherapy, or cold shock therapy, involves the medical application of extremely low temperatures to promote healing processes and treat various health conditions. Cryotherapy can reduce pain, inhibit inflammation, and induce neurological relaxation. Indications include swelling, haematomas, bruises, muscle tears, tendon insertions, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, Achilles tendon irritation, shoulder and knee complaints, arthritis, venous inflammation, insect bites, shingles (Zoster), shoulder issues, activated arthrosis. The treatment can be performed daily, lasting 2–5 minutes, depending on the treated area. This makes it a popular option for addressing complaints: it saves time, is non-invasive, and is effective!

Focused High-Energy Shock Wave (ESWT)

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is a non-invasive medical treatment method where high-energy shock waves are targeted at specific areas of the body. These shock waves are generated outside the body and directed through the skin into the affected tissue. The focus is on precise, concentrated impact. The shock wave promotes metabolic processes, increases blood circulation, and dissolves deposited calcium. From calcific shoulder to muscle tears, ESWT offers a versatile solution. The treatment duration ranges from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the condition. Treatment duration varies significantly based on the condition being treated.

Focused Induction Therapy

Focused induction therapy is a non-invasive medical treatment method using electromagnetic fields to transmit targeted pulses into the tissue. This therapy stimulates the body's self-healing abilities, promotes fracture healing, and relaxes the muscles. Versatile in addressing orthopaedic issues, back and neck pain, as well as incontinence. Typically, two treatments are conducted per week, each lasting approximately 6–12 minutes, depending on the indication. Contraindications include cancer in the treatment area, pacemakers or similar devices, pregnancy, or acute inflammations.

Carbon Dioxide Dry Bath

A carbon dioxide dry bath is a therapy where the body is treated with carbon dioxide gas without involving water. The carbon dioxide dry bath utilizes the "Bohr effect": externally entering CO2 is captured by red blood cells, leading to improved oxygen supply in peripheral tissue. This can aid in pain relief, increased blood circulation, and regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Versatile in addressing pain syndromes, overloads, and wound healing. The same applies to wound healing, as carbon dioxide also has bacteria-reducing effects. The therapy can theoretically be applied daily, with each session lasting 30 minutes.

Medkey, Physiokey, Sanakey

The electrical impulses emitted by these devices in the context of Bio-adaptive Impulse Therapy (BAIT) aim to activate the body's self-healing abilities by influencing the autonomic nervous system. The devices work by emitting electrical impulses that release specific signalling substances in the body, which can have pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, fever-reducing, and even hormonally regulating effects. This therapy can be performed daily, with the duration varying depending on the treated area.

Matrix Therapy

Matrix therapy uses oscillating frequencies to signal muscle exhaustion to the brain, potentially leading to muscle relaxation. This therapy also considers sports science findings, showing that disturbances in one muscle can affect others. Matrix therapy is typically applied as a holistic approach to release muscular tension and promote joint mobility. This results in pain reduction and a lower risk of injury, especially in sports. In addition to mechanical processing, the oscillating frequency signals muscle exhaustion to the brain, prompting it to respond with muscle relaxation. It's interesting to note that disturbances in one muscle can inhibit another. We incorporate these sports science findings into our therapy.


Electrotherapy refers to the application of electric current for therapeutic purposes. Various forms of electrotherapy are used in medicine to relieve pain, stimulate muscles, reduce inflammation, and promote healing. This can be done through electrodes applied to the skin, sending electric impulses to the affected areas.

Inversion Treatment

Our inversion treatment enables chiropractic measures in different body positions to ensure optimal spine treatment.

Trust in the expertise of Florian Sänger's private practice and utilise innovative instrumental procedures for your health! We offer tailored therapy concepts for a pain-free and active life. Schedule your appointment today for an initial consultation, where we will discuss all possible therapies and create an individual and effective treatment plan!

Arrange a consultation appointment now! If you have never been to us before, we ask you to contact us by telephone, as we attach great importance to individual medical care. This enables us to optimally design and discuss your concerns and needs. If you have already had treatment with us, you can easily arrange your appointment via Doctolib.

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