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Invasive Injection Procedures

Targeted applications of innovative invasive injection procedures offer numerous benefits.

Among them are Sanakin autologous serum therapy, ACP, and PRP, which are integral components of the treatment spectrum at the private practice of Florian Sänger. Through their targeted applications, they not only promote the regeneration of tissues and joints, but also preventively contribute to activating the body's natural healing powers. The various procedures thus provide an effective means of maintaining health while simultaneously supporting the organism's regeneration processes.

The Sanakin Method

One of the most well-known methods is the Sanakin method. It distinguishes itself through a particularly effective preparation of the body's blood. The serum is separated from red blood cells and carefully skimmed through centrifugation. The obtained blood plasma contains a variety of messenger substances that favour regenerative processes in various tissues. A crucial advantage of the Sanakin method lies in the three-hour incubation at 37 °C, leading to an increase in the concentration of interleukin-1 receptor antagonists. This results in an improved effect compared to conventional methods such as ACP and PRP, which do not involve additional processing.

Application Areas of Invasive Injection Procedures

The application areas of invasive injection procedures are extremely diverse. For acute joint inflammations associated with arthritis, tendon insertions, or skin conditions such as dyshidrotic eczema, these procedures show impressive results. They can even find applications in addressing hair loss. There are various approaches and techniques used that have the potential to improve hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Injection Procedures in Aesthetics

In the aesthetic field, we recommend the so-called Vampire Facelift. This is a non-surgical beauty treatment that utilizes the body's blood for skin rejuvenation. After a gentle blood draw, the processing occurs, and the obtained serum is injected directly into the skin. The process is safe, relatively painless, and contributes to achieving a radiant complexion and youthful appearance. This makes this therapy a popular alternative to traditional aesthetic treatments.

Safety is always our top priority. As it involves autologous material, side effects are extremely rare, and allergic reactions are not expected. To further enhance the quality of the blood draw, we conduct an anti-inflammatory treatment in advance if there is no time pressure.

The frequency of applying invasive injection procedures depends on individual indications, with one certainty: the treatment does not entail downtime.

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