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Manual Therapies

At the Florian Sänger private practice, we place great emphasis on individualized therapy concepts tailored to the needs of our patients. Our manual therapies are an integral part of our comprehensive services, aiming to activate the body's self-healing powers and promote the functionality of the musculoskeletal system.

Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy, commonly known as "adjustment," is a proven method for capsule stretching and manipulation to enhance joint functionality. Each intervention at our practice is accompanied by pre-treatment of the muscles to achieve sustainable effects. This technique is part of our holistic approach to regeneration and prevention.


Manual osteopathy aims to restore natural mobility and circulation to promote the body's self-healing powers. It is applied, especially after injuries, muscular tension and pain, as well as functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Osteopathy also proves effective in supporting athletes, particularly in preventing injuries and enhancing performance. We integrate this treatment specifically into multimodal concepts to achieve optimal results. The integrative approach in osteopathy allows us to address the diverse needs of our patients effectively.

Fascia Therapy, FDM according to Typaldos

Using manual techniques and mechanical aids, we address fascial deformities and injuries to correct functional disorders and pain. This contributes to our holistic regeneration approaches. Fascia therapy, based on the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) according to Typaldos, is particularly effective for muscular tension, restricted movement, and pain caused by fascial changes. Here, targeted manual techniques are combined with modern mechanical aids to achieve optimal results. Fascia therapy is used in various medical specialities, including orthopaedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, and pain therapy. By specifically influencing the fascial structure, we treat not only the symptoms but also the root causes of discomfort, promoting sustainable regeneration.

Biocybernetic Muscle Regulation

Biocybernetic muscle regulation enables the reactivation of muscle groups, even when inhibited by disturbances in other muscles. This innovative method is applied both manually and with the help of state-of-the-art mechanical tools to restore the balance of the muscular system. This treatment method is used in various medical specialities, especially in orthopaedics and sports medicine. In orthopaedic rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries, biocybernetic muscle regulation plays a crucial role in restoring muscle function and facilitating optimal recovery. In sports medicine, this method is also used preventively to detect and correct muscular imbalances early, enhancing performance and preventing injuries. At the Florian Sänger private practice, we tailor biocybernetic muscle regulation to your needs, ensuring effective and sustainable treatment.

EFT - Effective Functional Therapy according to Professor Dr. Lazik

Our goal with EFT is to resolve muscular adhesions and so-called "cross-links" to restore functionality. This innovative therapy is part of our broad spectrum of manual therapies and has diverse applications in various medical specialities. Particularly in orthopaedics and sports medicine, EFT is successfully applied to treat muscular imbalances and restrictions. For patients with chronic muscular issues due to overuse, sports injuries, or misalignments, EFT can significantly contribute to regeneration. The individual adaptation of therapy to the needs and health history of patients is crucial. We use EFT as an effective means to optimize muscular functionality, alleviate pain, and improve overall performance.

Trigger Point Therapy

By targeted treatment of muscle attachments and sometimes herniated trigger points, we achieve not only pain relief but also promote regeneration. Trigger point therapy plays a crucial role not only in Dorn or Liebscher & Bracht, but also in fascia therapy. This advanced therapy method is successfully applied in various medical specialities. In orthopaedic practice, trigger point therapy is a proven tool for treating muscular tension and pain. It is also used in sports medicine, especially for athletes with recurring muscle issues or for the preventive treatment of overuse syndromes. With our extensive experience, we apply trigger point therapy individually to consider the specific needs of our patients and achieve optimal results in terms of pain relief and regeneration.

At the Florian Sänger private practice, you have access to modern and effective manual therapies seamlessly integrated into our holistic medical philosophy. Discover how our innovative approaches and state-of-the-art methods can contribute to supporting and regenerating your health.

Arrange a consultation appointment now! If you have never been to us before, we ask you to contact us by telephone, as we attach great importance to individual medical care. This enables us to optimally design and discuss your concerns and needs. If you have already had treatment with us, you can easily arrange your appointment via Doctolib.

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