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Regenerative Treatments in Wuppertal

Focused Shock Wave Therapy

A high-energy method that acts through emitted short acoustic pulses and stimulates various tissues. Shock waves support the repair processes and increase blood circulation.

Natural Medicine Cartilage Regeneration Therapy

This treatment method, combined with autologous and allogeneic cell components, offers overloaded structures the opportunity for regeneration and stabilization.

MBST® Magnetic Resonance Therapy

This apparatus-based method is used for the regeneration of bone and cartilage tissue, intervertebral discs and tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Sports injuries, prosthetic integration, and fracture healing can also be physiologically supported with MBST®. Like in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), energy is delivered to the corresponding tissues, which then therapeutically stimulates cellular metabolism and oscillations. Additionally, the cells are synchronized in their circadian rhythm.

Autologous Blood Treatment according to the Sanakin® Method

The tissue-friendly alternative to targeted injection: During the three-hour period between blood collection and treatment, there is an increase in anti-inflammatory substances (interleukin-1 receptor antagonist). These are then specifically introduced into the corresponding tendons or joints to exert their effect.

Neurostimulation according to Molsberger (NSM)

A new treatment method for orthopedic and neurological pain disorders. Fine probes, similar to acupuncture needles, are placed on the diseased tissue. The method was developed by Prof. (USA/UNC) PD Dr. med. A. Molsberger and is based on the control of the body's own electrical fields. Typical areas of application include muscle fiber tears, back pain, nerve pain, headaches, tendons, joints, or allergies.

For more information, see: https://www.neueschmerztherapie.de/.

Analysis of the microbiome in the intestine

Our intestines are populated by millions of microorganisms. They are indispensable for the digestion and utilization of food. Science is increasingly focusing on the role of microorganisms in the development of a wide variety of diseases. Nutritional and action recommendations can be derived from examining stool samples to analyze the intestinal flora.

Intestinal cleansing

The aim of intestinal cleansing is to return disturbed intestinal flora to its natural, healthy state. After the diagnosis using a stool sample, an intestinal cleansing usually follows. After treatment, it makes sense to carry out a detailed analysis of your eating habits and switch to healthy foods.

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