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Sports performance improvement

When considering measures to enhance athletic performance, thoughts often turn to doping, which not only is prohibited but should also be frowned upon due to the potential long-term physical damage caused by the ingestion of various chemical substances. However, there are plenty of legal options that can be explored. The body is an athlete's capital and, due to the increased demands for peak performance in strength and endurance, requires appropriate care.

In reality, it's common for painkillers to be used regularly even at a young age. We view sports medicine preventively to avoid limitations, injuries, and especially downtime due to increased demands from sports. This is achieved through targeted treatments beforehand.

How Can Performance be Optimized for Athletes?

The effective key to this lies in functional therapy in the areas of the musculoskeletal system, metabolism, and autonomic nervous system. We see these areas as the foundation for a functioning organism. Additionally, there are improvement possibilities or diagnostic approaches in the mental and cardiological areas. Since the entire human organism is a complex structure, these three subareas naturally have certain interactions with each other. Nevertheless, let's first describe these subareas separately:

Musculoskeletal System

Regular muscle overload leads to the formation of adhesions, cross-links, and the deformation of fascia. Through special manual therapies and the use of aids and technical devices, we can work out these disturbances from the muscles. This results in better flexibility, power development, centering, and guidance, thus improving joint stability. As a consequence, performance improves, and the risk of injury is simultaneously minimized.

Accumulating muscular disturbances cannot be avoided in life, especially in elite sports. We recommend routine functional treatment for any sports activity. In the realm of competitive or professional sports, we recommend such treatment two to three times a year. This ensures that the musculoskeletal system is maintained at a high level, minimizing the risk of injuries—a prerequisite for trouble-free training, participation in competitions, and avoiding downtime.


The metabolism is extensive, encompassing the basic activity of cells for metabolism, energy generation elements through mitochondria, and the necessary provision of vitamins and minerals absorbed into the body through the intestinal microbiome. Through appropriate examinations, deficiencies, including neurotransmitters, can be identified. Disruptive factors such as heavy metal exposure or oxidative stress, for example, from inflammation, can be pinpointed and therapeutically addressed to optimize metabolic performance. Accordingly, dental status and nutrition, which may trigger an acid load in the body, are part of the metabolism area.

Autonomic Nervous System

Also known as the autonomic nervous system, it independently controls all body processes. It has effects not only on heart rate, blood pressure, muscles, and thermoregulation but also on digestion, healing, and regeneration. An important indicator here is heart rate variability, which is also used for training control. Acquired regulatory disorders for various reasons have negative effects not only on metabolism but also, for example, on regenerative sleep, thus impacting the overall regenerative capacity of the organism, which is a foundation for performance.

The performance of the human organism is the result of many different factors that can mutually influence each other. With our expertise on this foundation, we strive to create the best possible conditions. Various measures, primarily medication-free, free of side effects, and using physics to induce positive effects, are at our disposal for prevention, performance enhancement, or accelerating healing after injuries.

For personalized performance optimization in your specific case, we are at your disposal, providing guidance on the diverse treatment options available.

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