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EMFACE Submentum

Reduce double chin naturally

Are you looking for an innovative solution to reduce your double chin and refine your facial profile? Are you looking for a way to rejuvenate your appearance naturally? Then EMFACE Submentum could be just right for you.

EMFACE Submentum is the only non-invasive solution that targets every layer from muscle to skin to reduce your double chin. But how does EMFACE Submentum work?

The treatment uses a patented combination of synchronized radio frequency and HIFES™ muscle stimulation. By stimulating the submental tissues in conjunction with radiofrequency heating, we achieve comprehensive aesthetic improvement in the lower jaw area and a reduction in double chins.

With EMFACE Submentum, you can look forward to a non-surgical method to enhance your jawline and neck area. The result? A more youthful and defined look that boosts your confidence, without the need for needles.

The advantages of EMFACE Submentum at a glance:
  • 20 minute procedure
  • Reduction of submental fat on the neck and jawline
  • Improved jawline definition
  • No needles, no bruising, almost painless
  • Natural looking results
  • No downtime

The procedure can be easily integrated into everyday life thanks to the short treatment period, so you could even come for treatment during your lunch break. After one application, you can immediately return to your everyday life without having to plan for long regeneration times. This flexibility makes skin tightening and double chin reduction with EMFACE Submentum particularly appealing for people with a busy lifestyle who still do not want to forego a youthful appearance.

Say goodbye to excess submental fat and look forward to a new level of self-confidence with EMFACE Submentum. At the Florian Singer private practice, we offer this non-invasive procedure and are happy to advise you on your individual wishes and goals.

Four treatments are recommended up to the age of 50; thereafter, six applications should be considered. During the treatment, heat is generated by the applications and muscular twitches are triggered. The applications are also carried out twice a week or at weekly intervals.

Arrange a consultation appointment now! If you have never been to us before, we ask you to contact us by telephone, as we attach great importance to individual medical care. This enables us to optimally design and discuss your concerns and needs. If you have already had treatment with us, you can easily arrange your appointment via Doctolib.

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