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Florian Sänger: A Specialist with a Holistic Approach

Welcome to Florian Sänger's page. As a specialist with a holistic approach, Florian Sänger passionately advocates for your comprehensive well-being. His strong commitment to prevention and health promotion is here to support your health in a comprehensive way.

Professional Portfolio and Advancement

After intense years in internal medicine, Florian Sänger devoted seven years to various surgical specialties. Here, he gained valuable experience in cardiac surgery, general, trauma, and visceral surgery, as well as vascular surgery. Recognition as a specialist in general medicine required a year and a half of practical experience, which he acquired in a renowned practice with a focus on sports medicine, osteopathy, and chiropractic.

Holistic Approach to Your Health

In 2014, Florian Sänger opened his private practice in Wuppertal, where he focuses on providing holistic medical assistance to as many people as possible. In addition to his specialist training, he continuously expanded his expertise. He completed training in manual medicine, chiropractic, osteopathy, and became a fascial pain therapist according to Typaldos. Steven Typaldos is an American emergency medicine physician who developed FDM, the new and effective method for pain treatment in the musculoskeletal system. Florian Sänger could shape his comprehensive knowledge and experiences in effective functional therapy with renowned experts like Professor Dr. Lazik, forming the basis for the high-quality care of his patients. Florian Sänger primarily emphasizes medication-free, functional, and regenerative therapies.

Medical Aesthetics in the Service of Your Well-being

In addition to his clinical work, Florian Sänger extensively trained in the aesthetic sector. Since 2010, he has successfully performed injections with hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin. Over time, he expanded his spectrum to include autologous serum injections, the vampire lift, and, since 2023, the needle-free lifting therapy with EMFACE. His holistic approach encompasses not only the relief of physical complaints but also the aesthetic aspects of his patients' well-being.

Professional Expertise in Sports and Scientific Leadership

By focusing on orthopedic issues, Florian Sänger has successfully treated numerous athletes, including those in the professional realm, in recent years. In the 2022 season, he had the privilege of serving as the team doctor for both the ladies' and men's teams of TC Bredeney in the first tennis Bundesliga.

Since 2019, Florian Sänger has shared his comprehensive knowledge in lectures and presentations on performance optimization in sports, therapy options for sports injuries, as well as topics like mitochondria and stress therapy. These presentations reflect his commitment to disseminating his expertise and helping athletes maximize their performance.

Since 2022, Florian Sänger has had the honor of serving as the scientific director of the annual Ruhrgebiet Sports Medicine Symposium. Here, professionals come together to discuss and share the latest insights and innovations in sports medicine. This role allows him to actively contribute to the promotion and advancement of sports medicine.

Practice Philosophy for Your Well-being

Florian Sänger's practice places special emphasis on medication-free, functional, and regenerative therapies. A wide range of physical therapies is offered to help you holistically. Your well-being is at the center of his medical philosophy. Schedule an appointment today and trust in Florian Sänger's extensive experience and expertise for your health and well-being.

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