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Regeneration and Aesthetics

A Path to Timeless Beauty

In a world characterized by diverse challenges, the importance of proactive care for body and mind continues to grow. At the Florian Sänger Private Practice, we view aesthetics as a path to regeneration – a means to soften the signs of aging and radiate both externally and internally.

Revitalizing Signs of Aging

The natural changes that occur throughout life are part of a continuous regeneration process. Muscles slacken, fat deposits diminish, and skin texture can be affected by various influences. Our approach focuses on not only offering aesthetic treatments but also taking a holistic view of body regeneration.

Our aesthetic procedures are designed to support natural regeneration and provide you with firmer skin and a youthful glow.

In addition to Vampire Facelift, based on the Sanakin® method, also known as autologous blood therapy, we offer treatment with Botulinum toxin A and hyaluronic acid, which not only treat wrinkles but also regenerate on a cellular level. Our non-invasive EMFACE procedure combines radiofrequency therapy and electromagnetic facial stimulation.

Individual consultation and detailed photo documentation demonstrate the initial condition and treatment success. Gradual treatments enable continuous regeneration without abrupt changes.

Aesthetics and regeneration go hand in hand with us. Let us together soften the signs of aging and bring out your inner and outer beauty through targeted regeneration. Visit the Prevention page to learn more about the various treatment methods. We look forward to accompanying you on this journey.

Arrange a consultation appointment now! If you have never been to us before, we ask you to contact us by telephone, as we attach great importance to individual medical care. This enables us to optimally design and discuss your concerns and needs. If you have already had treatment with us, you can easily arrange your appointment via Doctolib.

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